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How we got started

While I was in high school and my first few years of college I partied a lot. I was going through issues at home and instead of dealing with them in a healthy way I would rather get away and drink. Not only did my family have the sit down talk with me about their concerns but so did a few of my closest friends.

One of my good friends at the time started taking me to frat parties. One party turned into going every single weekend and randomly stopping over throughout the week. Well, my husband Jake's ex-girlfriend's best friend's boyfriend (I hope you're still following along after that...) was in that frat and we had to have been at the same parties! We knew a lot of the same people in the frat but still didn't know each other. Jake and I even had the same professors in college and were there at the same time for the same major. Weird right? After retelling our story it seems like we always just missed each other.

I thought I had my first "big girl job" at a sales company trying to get people to sign up for a supplier on their gas and electric bills. (By the way, it's usually not worth it.) This is where I officially met Jake. He thought I was weird because during the typical meet and greet that started off our days I said I wanted to own a cemetery or a funeral home. More on that later. We slowly started talking because he was helping me with accounting 2. I ended up getting a D in the class because he wasn't that helpful, but it was my first chance to get to know him better. I remember telling him I would make him a cake for helping me because I was a college student who lived at my best friend's parent's house who barely had $10 to my name and couldn't afford to pay him. When I asked his favorite flavor of cake he replied with, "my Mom's cake." Clearly he wasn't interested right?!

Our job ended up moving us to Columbus. I remember I wanted to get away from Toledo and start new somewhere else. The day the small group of us went down to stay at a motel for two weeks because our apartments weren't ready yet and Jake was still in Toledo. Jake ended up not going with us because "he was sick from Taco Bell" and I was convinced he was going to stay there and rekindle things with his ex. Once he finally came down, he and his roommate were living in my dining room and on my couch because they couldn't get their apartment yet. (According to our boss, we weren't allowed to live together because apparently everyone thought we were going to start dating. They didn't want us to move in and then suddenly break up while tied to a lease. I guess they were right about us dating.) I remember he tucked me into bed the first day we had our apartment. I still think that was the sweetest thing and it melts my heart.

A couple months later I was on my period and during that time of the month I get REALLY BAD cramps. So I left work early, got into my pajamas and turned on one of my favorite movies, Aladdin. I texted him to come home and bring me chocolate. While laying in bed with me watching my favorite movie and eating Reese's, he asks me, "Hey do you want to make this official?" because of course we acted like we were dating anyways..... He clearly wasn't that romantic starting off as you can tell. But it gets better... Then he says, "Can we wait until tomorrow because it's my aunt's birthday?" Like what?! And that my friends, is my husband. He's my best friend. He's my person. I don't think I've ever looked at someone and felt so good. Even though I have to clean up the stevia he spills for his coffee (every single morning) on the kitchen counter, or recheck the latch on the door to confirm he did it correctly, when I see his face I melt. And every time I think I couldn't love him more, he does something to prove to me that I truly love him more and more every day.

Stay tuned for my next post on our love story.

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