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Shout out to all the should-be fathers!

Father's day can be such a happy time and day--everyone thanking their father's for all the work they have done in raising and teaching them. No matter what you are doing, Father's day is everywhere. Facebook, twitter, Instagram, commercials, stores, etc., are littered with posts, pictures, and more. With all these posts out there, one thing I haven't seen much of are shout outs to all the should-be fathers. I've literally only seen one so far. For those that are in that situation, it can make such a fun and exciting holiday more of an upsetting and difficult day to get through. I would like to take this opportunity to celebrate all the should-be fathers out there.

Marissa had asked me how I was feeling today since I am in this situation for today, a should-be father on Father's day. While I could dive into the negatives, I don't see that helping myself or others. Instead, I stayed positive. I made breakfast for Marissa before she headed out to work. I went out and ran 10 miles (something I've never done before, with a half marathon looming in two weeks). I've had a fantastic day when it was all said and done. For me, I know I should be a father. But I also know that I will be a father one day, and for that I can't wait.

Everyone should get a chance to be happy on this day. It's amazing to be able to celebrate your father as they show you the ropes in life, allow you to explore your passions, and take pride in everything that you do (don't forget the dad jokes). For those that are should-be fathers--you are still a father. While you might be frustrated knowing that you should have a child to celebrate with, it's still important to know that you are a father and always will be, and should be celebrated. Those things I mentioned above, it's going to be you one day!

Shout-out to all the should-be fathers. Your time is coming and it's going to be an amazing journey!

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