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Don't stop... only one more mile!

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

As everyone knows, I'm running a half marathon at the end of the month. If you're planning on running one, I really advise you follow the schedule. If you don't have one look on my Pinterest board here and I have tons of different ones pinned! With that being said I really regret not completely following my schedule. I understand people get busy and life gets in the way, but in order to not hurt yourself and build up your miles safely, follow the schedule!

Today I made it to the 8 mile mark! This was my furthest distance, my longest average mile unfortunately, and my longest time running without stopping at a time of 1:50:18. Although I struggled, I had such an amazing run! Now I'm not necessarily concerned with beating my time, although I know I can run better, I was more focused on my surroundings and breathing correctly. While at Sharon Woods Metropark today I really noticed the trees. They were so full and green. It was so beautiful staring at them as the sun was shining down on them. I saw a cardinal and he let me run past him without flying away. At one point in my head I said, "God did this." It was definitely a special moment just taking it all in.

Now breathing was a little more difficult. When I felt my heart rate increase I would slow my pace down and inhale through both my nose and my mouth and exhale while I felt my chest push it out. It is something I'm still obviously working on because sometimes I don't think I utilize my nose to breathe while running. My heart rate got to a whopping 196 beats per minute today! That is my maximum heart rate. Seeing that number is terrifying knowing that my body was working so hard just for me to keep going. However, as my beats per minute were increasing majority of the run (besides the last two miles) I felt like I was able to talk and sing my songs. With that being said my heart rate should've been in a comfortable zone. If I properly trained with my runs and cross training every other day with Sunday being my rest day, I don't think I would've had to check my apple watch every two minutes to make sure my heart rate was in good range.

The big picture here is if you have a goal, don't just close your eyes and hope you reached it when you open your eyes. If you don't figure out how you're going to make it to your goal then its not necessarily pointless, but what's the point? Make steps, write it down on your planner or in your notebook and follow through! Hold yourself accountable. If you don't follow through then you're going to have a harder time reaching your goal. For me, I'm where I should be with running the race BUT I did not have a very good follow through and I'm really feeling the pain associated with not getting my body ready properly. Not only does running help with your overall health but for me it is important because I need to be healthy in order to increase my chances in conceiving. I'm excited to make new goals and hold myself accountable because I know I can do it and because the big picture means so much to me. I want to make sure I’m healthy to have a baby BUT with running once a week, it is simply not enough (although it is better than doing nothing at all.) Everyday is a new day and take what you have with hope. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13

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